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High and Far Ethiopia Tour and Travel.
Our other commercial activity: 'High and Far Ethiopia Tour and Travel'

I worked as professional English speaking guide for eight years.
During my career I was one of the best tour guides in Ethiopia. I guided tourists from Europe , United states and Japan to different parts of the country depending on their interest.
For instant Historic route (Northern and eastern part) , Cultural route , Trekking in the Semien mountains and Bale Mountains, Danakil Depression and Sailing on Omo river.
During low season I used to work also as Tour operator in the office making itinerary and cost calculation, hotels and flight reservation as well as different logistic work.
Having all this experience and knowledge of satisfying tourists , I decided to start my own tour company as a tour operator. In 2010 I established 'High and Far Ethiopia Tour and Travel'.
Since 2012 I started to live in half in Belgium and Half in Ethiopia.
During the tourist season I am in Ethiopia organizing tours and guiding together with my motivated group of professional local guides and drivers.